Joline Jolink

single brand store / retail

  Interior design
  Interior realisation


Joline Jolink is a dutch fashion brand, located in Rotterdam. 

The scope of the design was to translate the user experience from webshop to physical store, and create an interior that suits the brand identity.

By intelligently using the space, the 65m2 gained more in-store inventory space. The new interior provides hidden storage systems and birch-wood items that hide in-store inventory from the eye of the customer. 

The modern and timeless interior lets the garments speak for themselves.

Sustainability and clean lines are as important in the design as the collection itself. Inspired by Japanese geometrical design, we create a peaceful and relaxed environment for customers.

Geometry throughout 
the whole interior

The front of the store has a neutral look, with black and white elements and playful details: brown speckles scattered over the floor and linear patterns on different spatial elements.

‘Slow coffee, slow fashion,
a green perspective.’

The fresh and bright vibe at the front of the store morphs into another vibe in the back, where a comforting space welcomes a customer to try on the garment they like.

A cup of coffee, the sense of nature and the bright day light bring serenity to the fitting area. The comfort of the comfortable blue carpet and the azure blue walls with their wooden spatial elements make sure customers have a more relaxed mood fitting.

The opposing mirrored doors hide more than just their reflection: one mirror functions as storage, the other is the hidden door to the staff area.

  Client: Joline Jolink 
  Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

   Interior architecture and design by Studio Items 
   Production & realisation by Studio Items 

        Eva Reuvers 

  Photography by Mariska Kerpel